North Clothing

Timeless elegance and simplicity seamlessly combined with a fit of perfection – North is a luxury clothing brand tailored for tall and lean women.

Crafted from the finest Italian fabrics our collection focuses on classic British design with a contemporary twist. In pursuit of graceful poise and posture, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a perfect fit. From the button hole on a coat to the seam stitch on a trouser leg. Inspired by clean lines and a neutral colour pallet, key pieces and luxury essentials provide a sophisticated wardrobe for tall women who appreciate quality in style.

Meet Laura Crabb - Founder

For many women, walking into a high-end retailer to buy the perfect outfit is easy and enjoyable.  But finding clothes to fit a taller frame can often be a struggle. Trousers not long enough, jackets and coats that are too short in the arm, and shirts don't reach your waist – for women like Laura it was far from retail therapy. It was this frustration, that a full time professional woman had to spend time trying to find anything decent to put in her wardrobe, that led to the birth of North Clothing Co.

“In the UK alone there are 1.8 million women over 5ft 9", yet there’s not one shop that provides luxury, beautiful clothing specifically made for taller, leaner women. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be the first thing a woman struggles with each day. They should be able to get that done and leave the house feeling comfortable to take on whatever the day brings. If you’re in ill-fitting clothes it bothers you, and restricts you from being your best possible self. When I do find the odd beautiful item that fits perfectly, I need to make it last or buy it in a couple of colours. It’s simply not something I believe we should have to worry about!”
Laura Crabb

After 20 years in the business development industry, Laura decided to focus her entrepreneurial mind on a business of her own. She researched the fashion industry and discovered a massive gap in the market for beautifully fitting clothing for women 5ft 9” and over. Laura knew the world of business inside out but had little experience working in fashion. So she immersed herself in that environment for six months and drew together a team of industry experts. Fusing both worlds, she’s been able to create something that is unique; something that could solve the problem that women like her face every day.

“My ambition for North is to provide women of my height and taller with premium, luxury clothing for work and leisure. Key wardrobe staples that are beautiful, timeless and elegant, and that can be worn season after season. We have launched with a capsule collection with the long term ambition being to grow our wardrobe with our customers. We are focused on classic solutions, not trends. Our customers are our inspiration and their feedback will be our direction in crafting the next key items in the collection. We are really looking forward to hearing what our customers think and excited to start developing the next pieces.”

Expertly designed clothing

Our designers are highly experienced in classic, British clothing with many years’ experience working for high end British fashion houses. Their attention to detail and evolving passion for beautiful clothing is the heartbeat of the brand.

Made in Britain

North is designed and made in Britain. Why? Because we make clothing tailored for a specific fit. We need to be hands on and close enough to be able to tweak, amend and perfect our products to ensure a consistent fit and quality every time. We are proud to be British and want to celebrate the quality of British products. We work with high-end fashion mills in London and Birmingham that are known for their exceptional quality and textile production. North aims to deliver classic, quintessential British style through high quality, timeless clothing.

Made from the finest Italian fabrics

The way a blouse falls, following the natural shape of the body, is determined by the quality of the fabric. Therefore, to be able to deliver the fit and quality desired for North, sourcing the perfect fabrics was crucial. We carried out extensive research into materials that not only looked amazing but felt amazing on the skin. Italy holds the unquestionable supremacy of the textile market worldwide, and is renowned for it’s high quality materials obtained through innovative techniques and processes. We hand-picked our Italian fabrics focusing on the best quality cashmere blends and hand-soft synthetics.

Our philosophy is simple...

  • Providing beautiful, elegant clothing for women with a longer, leaner frame.
  • Delivering simple, straight forward service our customers can rely on.
  • Inspired by our customers' needs, not fashion trends.
  • Focusing on quality, not quantity.
  • Evolving organically - a buildable wardrobe of timeless pieces that can be worn season to season.